Demonstration Snapshot: Iris Recognition

The Grand Lab Opening Event
October 20, 2016
Demonstration Snapshot: Ultrasound Imaging
November 15, 2016

Iris biometrics is a well-established technology, which is already in use in several nation-scale and security applications, such as the border crossing system in the United Arab Emirates. Also, the world’s largest national identification project (Aadhaar) in India, where more than one billion residents have enrolled using iris biometrics as the main modality.

Iris recognition technology is still an active research area with several unsolved problems, such as non-ideal iris images segmentation, images/templates protection and cross-spectral iris matching in security applications.

This project is aiming at addressing the aforementioned issues by proposing robust methods to tackle these problems.


Demonstration Presenter: Mohammed A. M. Abdullah, PhD Student, Intelligent Sensing Lab, Newcastle University