Demonstration Snapshot: Ultrasound Imaging

Demonstration Snapshot: Iris Recognition
November 9, 2016
Demonstration Snapshot: Myoelectric-control
November 22, 2016

Since 2008 work has been carried out in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University, to develop a very inexpensive technology for medical ultrasound scanning, drawing upon many years of innovation in sonar signal processing.

A number of approaches have been investigated and the most promising has now been developed into prototype units which have been evaluated on phantoms and are now being evaluated for various clinical applications.

The team are currently working on a project to turn this technology into a commercial product, incorporating recent advances in the design to improve resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, frame rate and ease of use by less skilled operators.

The new design also incorporates a novel, very low cost motor assembly to automatically scan the transducer with minimal energy (USB bus limited) and electromagnetic interference. The work is in collaboration with Delft Imaging Systems (Netherlands), Fraunhofer MEVIS Institute (Germany) and CORDAID (Netherlands).


Demonstration Presenter: Dr Ben Sherlock, Newcastle University