Solar Storm Monitoring

GNNS Ionospheric Scintillation: Modelling and Mitigation is an EPSRC sponsored project. In this project, we at Newcastle University are working on developing Ionospheric scintillation model to forecast/nowcast the ionospheric scintillation, we also developed GNSS software receiver capable of monitoring space weather activity and can mitigate ionospheric scintillation. The outcome of the project can help in providing useful information to key industry sectors, such as aviation, on-and off-shore oil drilling and geodetic surveying.

By creating an in-house satellite-based positioning and navigation (GNSS), the project produces Ionospheric scintillation alert in near real-time in a user-friendly colour spectrum, (green [no threat] – yellow [moderate level] – red [major threat]).

We are also developing an IO6 mobile app for ionospheric scintillation monitoring for the European region, at present working on improving resolution of alert, GNSS industries or any academic institutes working within the relevant research theme, please feel free contact for collaborative research project.

Key project information:
Alert and helps in mitigating ionospheric threat for sat-nav system
Improve precise position solution for V2V and oil-drilling application
Helps in ionospheric channel modelling for satellite communication and navigation

For more information, please contact Dr Rajesh Tiwari: