Student Work Experience

Outreach: We Love STEM
February 15, 2017
EPSRC grant success
November 12, 2017

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Amber Soakell to our lab for a work experience week in August 2017. Amber is a student at Newcastle High School for Girls. The work experience was arranged from a successful outreach activity the lab delivered at the school’s ‘I love STEM’ event in February 2017.

“My week was fascinating and taught me things I wouldn’t normally be able to learn at my age. To build a circuit from scratch and seeing physical results from my efforts brought great satisfaction. The team were very welcoming and showed me how varied and interesting it can be to work in the field of Electrical Engineering.” A. Soakell

During the week, Amber worked with our Research Associate, Dr Emma Brunton, on a neuro-prosthesis project. This included building a sensor to record muscle activity and programming an Arduino to open and close a robotic hand using the muscle activity recorded from the sensor.

“It was great to have Amber in the lab. She picked up soldering and programming very quickly and helped to finish a team project. Amber was a breath of fresh air and helped to remind us of how interesting and exciting the work is that we do here.” E. Brunton